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Revolutionize Your Legal Experience with Unbundled Legal Services

Are you tired of paying exorbitant legal fees for services you don't need? Do you feel overwhelmed with the cost and complexity of legal proceedings? Unbundled legal services provides a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional legal representation. Get customized legal support and stay in control of your case. 

Legal Workshops

Get step-by-step support for your Utah divorce. Choose the Self-Study option or Course + Coaching option and get legal advice.

Discrete Task & Limited Scope Legal Help

Get professional legal help with specific tasks or certain stages of your divorce or custody case. 

Done-For-You Legal

Have you reached a general agreement with your spouse but don't want to handle the paperwork on your own? We can help. 

What are unbundled legal services?

Also known as limited scope representation and discrete task representation, unbundled legal services can help those in litigation who may not be able to afford a full-scope attorney, or who prefer to handle some aspects of the case themselves. Examples of unbundled legal services we offer include:

  • Initial Disclosure & Financial Declaration Workshop
  • Create a Parenting Plan Workshop
  • Mediation Preparation Workshop
  • Represenation at mediaton

We offer custom unbundled legal services and educational workshops

Choose what legal services you want. Get as much--or as little--legal help as you want. 

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